3-in-1 Charger

Our simplistically designed and conceptualized 3-in1 Charger.
Sleek, stylish and multi usage device for all your charging needs

AED 269

Aluminium Laptop Stand

Sleek, aluminium body, easy to carry.
This Laptop stand is a very handy yet sturdy accessory from the house of FITIT

AED 149
Slide AED 149 MagFit Charger


The FITIT logo represents 5 pillars, the same pillars we aspire to build our company on 

Focus: We are solely focussed on giving value in terms of exceptional service to our partners and customers 

Fast: Being in the tech industry, speed excites us 

Fascinating: Just like our child like admiration for our products, we aim to inspire you with the same fascination 

Flexible: We are a small company and that makes us agile and flexible 

Fun: We have literally built the brand in coffee shops and restaurants and malls


Why is Li-Polymer Better than Lo-Ion batteries

Lithium-polymer is slowly replacing lithium-ion in the smartphone industry due to its superior safety, form factor versatility, and weight attributes in high-end and mid-tier devices. Although more affordable designs and handsets with very large cell capacities will likely stick with lithium-ion battery technology for a while longer.

Li-poly is safer, by comparison, which is particularly important in these days of super-fast charging technology. These batteries also have a very low self-discharge level, so won’t go flat when you’re not using them. However, this comes with a higher price tag, a shorter life-span, and a lower capacity density. Although, the lightweight nature of lithium-polymer batteries results in an overall better energy density per kg.

All the powerbanks and chargers offered at FITIT world are only Li-polymer batteries